Wayne Communications

Our Culture.
Our People.
Our Passions.

We know there is plenty of competition for our client's business. The Wayne team strives to be the best at what they do and be different from our competition.

We know that to work with a company, we need to be very good at what we do and give clients more than one reason to work with us.

  • Understand the benefits of a stress-free experience.
  • Strive to build trust and ensure convenience.

  • Keep things simple with no hassles.

  • Provide the right solutions based on what the customer needs.

Core Beliefs

Our teams are built on 5 principles to guide us in everything we do at Wayne.

Team Oriented

Taking care of ourselves and each other for the benefit of the team and company.

Bridge Builder

Communicating ideas and information toward solutions.


Having enough courage and vulnerability to expose your weaknesses and celebrate yours and other’s strengths.

Problem Solver

Embrace conflict and creatively find solutions to problems.


Acknowledges and face the fears that come from change.

What is happening at Wayne?