Low-Voltage Independent Contractors

Partnering with Wayne has its benefits!

We know that when our associates are empowered, good things happen.

The Wayne culture enables leaders and team members to live and work to their fullest potential.

When it is about a WIN WIN for our clients, staff, independent contractors, and suppliers, there are positive outcomes.

Why work with Wayne?
Wayne is a growing company with a stellar reputation. We people operate on 5 core values: Team-oriented, Bridge Builder, Humility, Problem Solver, and Adaptable.
What type of work does Wayne do?
Wayne work orders are for low voltage services in the QSR market place including surveillance, POS, Drive Thru (audio and timer), drive-thru loops, network rack, music and DMB (digital menu boards).
What are Wayne’s expectations of an independent contractor?
Wayne has very high standards when it comes to people representing our company. Our technicians must be punctual, knowledgeable, and professional.
Is IT support available when onsite?
Depending on the issue at the store location, Wayne will provide you with the manufacturer’s support or Wayne level 1 and 2 support.
How does it work?
The Wayne Service team will contact you to provide scope of work, quote, and date. If you are interested in the job, the service team will issue the work order and discuss the job details. Compensation: Depending on the job, daily break-fix work orders is hourly work. Projects, installations and new construction are fixed rate DNE (do-not-exceed). The pay rate is listed on the work order.
How and when do I get paid?
When the work is completed send your invoice, sign-off sheet, and pictures to [email protected]. Payment is net 30 days from the date the invoice is received.
Who do I contact at Wayne?
Madyson Walters (Service Coordinator) or Catherine Myers (National Service Manager), +1 855 471 9730 or [email protected].